Live Demo of "Our Legacy"

The live demonstration will be held:
“Our Legacy” Website
June 17, 2008 4 p.m. CST (6 pm EDT)

Join us. We still have seats available so please sign in for either option.

Two Ways to View the Demo

In the spirit of trying new things, being risk takers, and learning together, we will be piloting the streaming of the videoconference to the web via two ways. The Elluminate webcast has more features and interactivity than the Flash version.

#1. Streaming Video in Flash Player

We will be piloting streaming the demonstration live on the web. All that you need is a Flash player (98% of computers have one) and you can view the demo by clicking the "Watch Live Demo" link below.

Check see if you have latest Flash player. If not, please install it.

Click here to Watch Live Demo any time between 3:30 pm Central (5:30 pm EDT) and 5:00 pm (7:00 pm EDT) on June 17, 2008

#2 Elluminate Webcast

This option will allow you to send in chat questions and follow along with the live demo more easily. We STRONGLY recommend connecting to the Test Session at least 24 hours before the live session so you can make sure that it is going to work.

To view the hardware and software pre-requisites for Elluminate Live! please visit

Connect to the Test Session any time between June 10 and June 17, 3:00 PM CST by clicking

Your web browser will start up and will try to launch the Elluminate. The first time Elluminate is launched it needs to download itself to your computer. In most cases, this happens seamlessly and you barely notice it.

Some of the problems people have run into have been things like:

  • not having administrator privileges on their desktop machine so the software can't be installed;
  • their web browser doesn't know how to interpret the links to the Elluminate Live software properly;
  • you may not have a current enough (or any) version of Java installed.

If you run into any issues, we can troubleshoot those. Here are some of the resources on Elluminate Live's! website: and you can email webconf_support AT for assistance.

Connect to Live Demo with Elluminate

To join the Live Demo, click the link below any time between 3:30 pm Central (5:30 pm EDT) and 5:00 pm (7:00 pm EDT) on June 17, 2008.